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Scalp Micropigmentation

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation or SMP is the process of adding permanent cosmetic pigmentation to the scalp. It’s a safe, non-surgical, non-invasive advanced hair restoration procedure. 

In laments terms, scalp micropigmentation can be thought of as a scalp tattoo that mimics actual hair follicles, giving the illusion of natural hair. At Rainer Ink, our professional staff prides themselves in SMP that looks so real that only the client knows it’s not!

Our Technique and Treatment

We utilize different micro-sized needles to insert small deposits of organic pigments to mimic your hair follicles. We select our pigments specifically for SMP so you don’t have to worry about the pigment changing colors or fading prematurely. 

How We Can Help

Our SMP treatments are carefully selected to meet each person’s specific needs and goals. Clients typically require two to three treatments to see the best results. The result is 3D follicle replication that gives the illusion of realistic and natural-looking hair. Our technique ensures that the pigmented follicles are identical to your actual hair follicles.

Scalp Micropigmentation Services

Hairline Restoration

With scalp micropigmentation, you can recreate a hairline that fits your age and style. Choose from crisp, clean-cut, natural, youthful, slightly receded, mature, and many other styles. 

Each person is different, and so is their hairline. At Rainer Ink, we fully understand this concept. That’s why one of our professional artists will meet with you and carefully discuss the best option that fits you. Our SMP artists will make sure to give you the hairline you’ve always wanted by carefully adding pigment to your scalp to give the illusion of a full, natural hairline. 

Scar Camouflage

When a patient undergoes a hair transplant, the process sometimes leaves them with massive scars on the back of their head. This is due to the healthy hair follicles being removed from the back of the scalp and moved into balding areas. 

We can camouflage these scars with scalp micropigmentation. Our talented SMP experts can achieve this scar camouflage by matching hair follicles to surrounding areas.

Male and Female Pattern Baldness

When it comes to male or female pattern hair loss, it used to be that the only proven method to solve this problem was undergoing hair transplant surgery. This surgery is an invasive medical procedure that costs time and money. However, a new treatment for male and female pattern baldness is scalp micropigmentation. This treatment doesn’t involve surgery and is undetectable. 

Our staff can create a dense-looking head of hair with a hairline that fits your age and style. Your head doesn’t need to be shaved when you get scalp micropigmentation. This is especially great news for patients suffering from female pattern baldness. 


Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles, causing them to fall out. Symptoms of alopecia areata include:

  • Patchy, coin-shaped hair loss, mainly from the scalp
  • Itching or burning sensation in the affected area before the hair loss occurs
  • Thinner growing hair near the base around bald spots
  • Whit spots and pinpoint dents appear in the nails
  • Rough nails

Scalp micropigmentation can camouflage bald spots caused by alopecia with pigment deposits to help you regain your confidence. SMP is one of the most effective treatments to help cover up alopecia bald spots. Unlike other treatments, scalp micropigmentation offers a permanent solution almost instantly.


If you’ve had scalp micropigmentation done in the past, you might notice the pigment starting to fade. The lifespan of SMP is typically four to eight years. After this time, touch-ups are usually required to make the pigment look like it did before. At Rainer Ink, our experts can ensure your SMP looks as good as new with proper touch-ups. 


If you’ve had a bad experience with SMP in the past, we can help fix that. Not all SMP artists are created equal, and unfortunately, it’s the client who suffers. At Rainer Ink, our experts have over a decade of experience. We will use our talent and expertise to correct your previous scalp micropigmentation treatment to ensure you have the utmost confidence.


At Rainer Ink, we’re passionate about what we do, and you’ll see that in your final result! Schedule your free consultation today.
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