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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

The cost of scalp micropigmentation typically depends on the severity of your hair loss. The average cost per client ranges from $2500 to $3200. Some treatments may cost less or more than that average range depending on several factors, such as scars, alopecia, simple hairline repairs, touchups, etc. However, we offer financing and take all major credit cards. 

Will the scalp micropigmentation treatment be noticeable?

No. Scalp micropigmentation is gaining popularity due to its natural and undetectable results. Most people can’t distinguish between natural hair follicles and SMP follicles due to the SMP follicles replicating actual hair follicles so closely. Rainer Ink proudly offers the most advanced micropigmentation technology and techniques so that each hair follicle is replicated to be an exact match for our clients.

How many SMP treatments will I need?

For optimal results, scalp micropigmentation should NOT be considered a one-treatment process. On average, most clients require 2-3 sessions to complete their treatment, depending on the extent of hair loss or scarring being camouflaged. Some clients need up to 4 sessions to complete their treatment. The treatments are typically spaced ten to twenty days apart.

How long do SMP results last?

Scalp micropigmentation results are permanent. The strength of the pigment color should last for several years. After a few years, clients may notice some slight lightening of the pigment. Clients can undergo a touchup session to restore any fading when this happens. Using SPF50 sunscreen or a hat to protect the pigment from the sun can help keep it from fading for a more extended period.

Can women get SMP work done?

Yes. Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent choice for women dealing with hair loss. 

Can the pigment change colors?

No. Scalp micropigigmentation is a permanent treatment for hair loss. We specifically choose our pigment to mimic your hair follicles, and our ink doesn’t contain any additives or colorants that will turn blue or green over time.

Do I need to take time off for the treatments?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive hair loss solution. This means that you won’t have to take any time off work, school, or other functions. After treatment, you may notice some redness on the scalp for two or three days. This redness subsides quickly, and most clients return to work within a couple of days, if not the day after the treatment.

Do I have to shave my head?

This depends on the pattern and extent of your hair loss. Some clients can maintain a longer head of hair while utilizing SMP to fill in light or thinning areas. However, if there is substantial hair loss, it’s recommended that the client keep a short cropped haircut.

Can scalp micropigmentation hide my scars?

Yes. Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent choice for scar camouflage.

How painful is scalp micropigmentation?

While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, most of our patients report the pain as minimal. It’s not any more painful than traditional tattoos. After the session is complete, you won’t feel any further discomfort. 

Can people with gray hair undergo scalp micropigmentation treatment?

Yes. Patients with gray hair can also benefit from SMP. Most clients with gray hair are advised to cut their hair to a buzz cut so that the hair doesn’t appear as gray since the root itself is darker. We then use a gray-scale pigment adjusted in shade to blend with lighter hair tones. 

Will this work for me if I have fair skin?

Yes! We can match the shade of our pigment to a wide variety of different skin tones. 


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